Cryptophobia, an ongoing digital anthology, is currently seeking submissions! What are you scared of?
Current issue: #1

Image by Rhys McDonald.
Cover by Rhys McDonald.

In this issue:

· Search & Destroy
· Stanton Huffman: Monster Hunter
· Black Dawg
· Bikini-Clad Monster Girl Mayhem: Tussle Beach

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News & Updates:

xx Cryptophobia is in Viper's hands!

01:53:10 PM 01/16/14 by Slimebeast
Just a small update after such a loooooooooooooooong time! We finally have all the material in (or at least the stuff that was finished!) and it's all uploaded and ready.

Watch for another update when we have an idea of a release date!
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xx Submissions Hiatus

10:04:28 PM 01/03/12 by Slimebeast
Cryptophobia will be taking a Submissions Hiatus for the time being, to focus on currently existing material and approved projects.

If you already submitted your work, don't worry about this update. :)
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clip Issue #1 - We're almost there!

03:41:42 PM 11/24/11 by Slimebeast
Issue  #1 of Cryptophobia is (finally) in the can and ready for digital release - following a few behind-the-scenes things to take care of.

You didn't think the news was THAT fantastic, did you? :D

In the meantime, here's someone getting hit in the face by the Batutut.

Oddly similar to our creator initiation ceremony.
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clip Cryptophobia appearance at Comic Con

07:27:10 PM 07/26/11 by Slimebeast
Hey! Check out this print for Cryptophobia at San Diego Comic Con!


Special thanks to the folks at Viper Comics!
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